The Curious Case of Post Office – Part 1

For Wunderman apparently,¬† it started with a meeting with the Director of Chinese ministry of Post. He used his experience and knowledge to revive and bolster the Chinese Postal services. Typical of that time telecommunication was growing faster and more profitably than the postal services. The Director wanted to find ways of building postal volumes […]


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Files, Papers and Stamps

We all keep our visits to post offices, banks and other government offices to minimum and there is definitely a reason to it. The time it takes to do one transaction is multiple times that of online efforts. But for some critical ones we just have to go. Today was one such day to get […]

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Towards Minimilizm

This is blog in progress. Running the race to earn the bucks is characteristic of us Gen X. So while I think of settling down to a life of giving myself more time, I did a back of the envelop calculation on how much will I need to survive and the various way in which […]

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Yeladike & Temple musing

Twenty years back, I wasn’t a temple traveler. I did have a panache for all things old and history in general. I also did have a wonderful grand mom who told religious stories beautifully but never from a view of turning us into believers. Her message was clear – love whatever you consider god be […]

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Crowd Travelling

Remember the old days when parents used to take us on yatras? When road trip meant getting to a bus stand really early in the morning( or appointed time) and then making oneself comfortable in the seats allocated on a 23+ seater bus. The co-travellers becoming our extended family till the trip was on. These […]

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The Lalbaugh Walk

As we draw close to curtailing up 2016 and talking about it as past year, I decided I should do somethings that leave online foot prints and save up on carbon footprints if I may. ¬†Also, getting back to penning stuff after a long time is good idea I thought. After about 5 years I […]

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The Mountain of Light

William Dalrymple & Anita Anand trace the journey of Kohinoor. A great tale of greed, conquest, muder, torture, colonialism…so much was done and undone for a mear ‘beautiful’ piece of stone. The empires that built with it and the ones that crumpled. Is it really Krishna’s Syamantaka? And why did it have to get cut […]

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Zenned Up

My rationalist make up of mind makes me keep off the ‘therapy books’. The baba’s and gurus generally get on my nerves and I get into the I-am-not-listening zone pretty quickly when they start. But they I decide to ‘finish’ this book How to Relax by Thich Nhat Hanh. And I did that a day […]

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Bucked up

It started with going to Jaynagar 4th block to pick up books for a friends nephew. Sanskrit for fun, Vedic maths. So there are these publishers ‘Motilal Banarasidass publishers Pvt. Ltd who have an outlet near Ganesh Darshani. Their catalogue has some really unique books. And the folks there have no selling strategy and I […]

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