Files, Papers and Stamps

We all keep our visits to post offices, banks and other government offices to minimum and there is definitely a reason to it. The time it takes to do one transaction is multiple times that of online efforts. But for some critical ones we just have to go. Today was one such day to get […]

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Towards Minimilizm

This is blog in progress. Running the race to earn the bucks is characteristic of us Gen X. So while I think of settling down to a life of giving myself more time, I did a back of the envelop calculation on how much will I need to survive and the various way in which […]

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Yeladike & Temple musing

Twenty years back, I wasn’t a temple traveler. I did have a panache for all things old and history in general. I also did have a wonderful grand mom who told religious stories beautifully but never from a view of turning us into believers. Her message was clear – love whatever you consider god be […]

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